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Speed up your Vagrant NFS mount

When mounting a project folder with a +1000 files (i.e. git repository), file access can become really slow. There are some easy fixes to speed things up.


Add the following mount_options on your synced folder in your Vagrantfile

config.vm.synced_folder "./", "/var/www/", type: "nfs",  mount_options: ['rw', 'vers=3', 'tcp', 'fsc' ,'actimeo=2']
  • vers=3 specifies version 3 of the NFS protocol to use
  • tcp specifies for the NFS mount to use the TCP protocol.
  • fsc will make NFS use FS-Cache
  • actimeo=2 absolute time for which file and directory entries are kept in the file-attribute cache after an update


Install cachefilesd, a Linux service that caches NFS file access.1

sudo apt-get install cachefilesd
sudo echo "RUN=yes" > /etc/default/cachefilesd

extra: Sublime Text 3

A default setting in Sublime Text 3 can also create an issue. Turning off atomic_save did the trick for me. Sublime Text > Preferences > Settings > User

    "atomic_save": false
  1. I only tested this on Ubuntu 14.04 

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