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Web-engineer, cyclist, Nespresso lover, Strava pusher.

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PHPBenelux 2015 Conference Presentations

Introduction to Docker

From nightmare legacy code to a professional PHP application in 3 hours

Secure PHP Development Bootcamp

JavaScript for PHP Developers

Cute Little Interpreters

A Series of Fortunate Events


Treating Javascriptophpobia

Decorating Applications with Stack

PHP Anti Patterns

Ansible Project Deploy

The why and the how of moving to 5.5/5.6

Task Based UIs

Ngingx and Lua: when you need it to be fast


Ship code faster with Kanban

Ansible, just use it

Dashboards for DevOps and other Web Folks

Small Uncontrolled Experiments

How & why you should contribute to open source

High Performance PHP

Microservices: Packs small, plays BIG!

The Hardened Application: Testing Principles from OWASP

Creating your own Entity/Object Manager

Strange strings

The Art of Programming

Say What? Ubiquitous Language and You!

Higher Order Programming

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